Call For Art

Artwalk Magazine Issue 03

Accepted artists will have at least “1” of their submitted works along with their name featured in “Artwalk Magazine Issue 03” in both print and digital format. All artists who submit work wether your work was accepted or not will be given the digital version of Issue 03 which will be on sale for $20 when the magazine launches.

Did You Know?

Did you know that close to 50% of the artwork shown in our 100 page magazine will be from artists who’ve submitted to this very Call For Art?  Unlike other “art calls” where hundreds of people submit and only a handful get chosen. We actually choose half our artist from our call for art submissions.

Important Dates







The Curators & Design Team

Our curators along with the magazine design team spend lots of time going through each and every submission we receive. This process of choosing artists is no easy task. Our gallery experienced curators put many hours into choosing artwork that is individually unique and engaging. Then they have to look at how the work will sit among surrounding works of art on any given page of the magazine. Together with the design team they will deliberate until they finally have a selection of different artists work that are both unique yet collectively work as a whole. Thus creating the body or collection of work that will be known as Issue no. 3.

Submission Fee

In order for us to have reliable and gallery experienced curators that bring helps make our magazine a class above some others as well as a top-end graphic designer, we need to make sure they are compensated their hard work. In Order for us to do that we do need to charge a $25 submission fee. We appreciate your understanding and supporting our staff and the hard work they put into our Call For Art campaign each year.

How to Submit Your Art

Please read all instructions first, then come back to step 1.

1. Click the big green button below & purchase your submission ticket.

2. Find your purchase order# on your emailed receipt.

(see example below)

3. Now you can send us your art submission via email. 

Include answers to the questions below, attach your art and send the email to:

1  Full Name

2  Your Order#

3  Where do you call home?

What type of artist would you consider yourself?

Website url and or social media account where people can view more of your art.

You may submit up to three different artworks for consideration.

Include your Name and the Title of that artwork in the file name. i.e. 01_artistname_artworktitle.jpg

You can send images of up to 4472 x 4472 px with a max file size of 19 MB. Your images should be in high-resolution so they can be printed in the magazine without looking blurry.
(.jpg or .png) file formats only.


Having a Problem Sending Your Email with the Images Attached?

If the sum of your 3 images is higher than 25mb in size your email client may not let you send the email. In this case please include just 1 of your images in the first email and send another two emails each with the other two files attached to those emails. 

What if one of my files is larger than 19mb?

Your best option is to use a photo application to slightly resize or optimize your image until the file size is lower than 19mb. You can find free image optimizing applications online by doing a google search. If you are still having issues, please email us and let us know the problem we can help you fix,