Art Topic: What does it mean to be an artists? & we introduce you to The Contaminator.

For me I’m inspired both by seeing an artist that you know works hard at progressing their craft and is always pushing themselves to find and expresses their personal style and voice.

I’m also inspired by artist that you can feel are present with there work and have found a way to create art that truly represents themselves. We can’t underestimate just how hard this is for most artist to accomplish. So when we do see someone who has accomplished this skillset I think we need to appreciate it, learn from it and share it.

This leads me to The Contaminator. @thecontaminator
I feel she is someone who at least from an outsiders perspective seems to have an inherent honesty that allows her to be emotionally aware in her art process. It seems no matter what those emotions might be on any given day , she can quickly channel them in a very intentional way or other times in super abstract sense right into her work. She uses many different art mediums, sometimes it showing in the form of dance or performance art. And other times painting and movement. Or even installation pieces she creates to share that days emotions and ideas.
It’s genuinely raw. Sometimes beautiful and colorful. Other times provoking. It feels like all of it comes straight out of her gut only to be flung on the canvas of choice per that day. It’s exciting to see someone that approaches their art in such a genuine way. She takes her unknown and makes it known.

The contaminator has written for us an article where she shares in her words not mine all about her journey. We had some fun with this little video simply as just a fun way to announce that we have her article now posted on our websites art blog. You can get there by using the link in our bio or going to this url:

You can find are guest blog post in the blog or you can just click here..


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