Nicole Kutz Introduces us to paintings by artist Seana Reilly

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The below post is brought to us today by ArtWalk Magazine’s Guest Curator & Artist of the Month Nicole Kutz

Hi everyone! I’m taking over Artwalk Mag’s feed again to share one of my favorite artists and a huge inspiration to me – Seana Reilly (@sreillystudio).

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I first encountered Seana’s work when I was in grad school at @whitespace814 right when I had started painting with indigo. I remember being absolutely blown away by her abstract worlds and saw so many parallels to what I was beginning to create with my work. She also saw my work at @scaddotedu and felt the same way. I have had the privilege of staying in touch with her throughout the years and even acquired a piece of hers through an artist trade!

Seana’s paintings have always had a beautifully introspective effect on me. I feel instantly transported to another realm in my psyche that feels both calm yet foreboding. I love how she taps into our complex relationships and reactions to nature through a meditative and abstract process. While I am forever a fan of her black and white palette, I also am so intrigued by the hues of color that seep into her pieces.

I would love to hear what you see in Seana’s pieces – let me know in the comments below!

– Nicole Kutz –@nkutz
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See more work from artist Seana Reilly on her website