Artist Workspaces with Bethany Homes

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Jan 9 2022

“Artists & Their Workspaces”

words from Bethany Homes

You can find Bethany’s verbiage and photos of her amazing art studio space inside our Issue 02 featured article on artists’ workspaces.

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My studio is my calm place. When I’m in my studio I feel I’ve escaped from everyday life – I don’t think about the time or the fact that I’ve got a load of washing to do, or what’s on my huge to-do list. It’s my special place, an escape where I can just experiment and be free. In the depths of winter, I’ll put the fan heater on and work with the stable door shut, occasionally opening the top of the stable door to check all the colours are going in the right direction! When I shut the door again I’m a million miles from home. I’m in my own world. I’ll put my playlists on, oa podcast, and get completely lost in the paint, textures, and most importantly, colour. At the first warmth of spring, I usually open the top of the door again and let the light flood in. It’s lovely to creep into the studio first thing with a cup of tea and listen to the birdsong that surrounds me.

Then in summer, the whole door is flung open. The studio is such an inviting place at this time of year. The floor is pale grey concrete and is always nice and cool (although completely covered in paint). When it’s really hot (which is rare over here in the UK!) I open the windows as well and let the breeze in. The evening sun usually comes round and warms the place up by about 6 pm, which I usually think is an acceptable time to have a nice cold white wine, whilst I paint into the evening.

Whilst being a calm space is an extremely productive environment. I’m surrounded by commissions & pieces I am experimenting with it for my next series of works. These hang on the wall or are propped up, pieces that I am usually working on lie on the floor alongside my very hairy cockapoo, Lenny. Current larger paper pieces are bulldog clipped together and hooked onto a nail in the wall, and one wall is entirely dedicated to ideas / smaller canvas pieces that might lead to a larger body of work.

My studio is my release. I go in there and it doesn’t matter if I get paint everywhere, or if nothing has an exact home. When you’re in the middle of the painting, using your hands, a squeegee, a cloth, the last thing you want to do is go and put the lid back on the paint and put it back where it came from! The studio is my creative, messy heaven and I love it.


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