Here to interrupt ArtWalk Mag’s feed again with artists Siyuan Tan

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The below post is brought to us today by ArtWalk Magazine’s Guest Curator & Artist of the Month Nicole Kutz

Hey everyone – here to interrupt ArtWalk Mag’s feed again with another one of my favorite artists Siyuan Tan (@siyuan_tatara).

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Siyuan and I had several painting classes together in grad school at SCAD – I remember being blown away by the depth of his concepts and scope of work. Not only was he an amazing painter, but he was also equally amazing at sculpture and I always admired how he could balance both.

Siyuan is currently based in New York and his recent work has a particular hold on my subconscious – I find myself constantly inspired by his bold colors, hazy painting techniques and mandala-like compositions. I think the curatorial statement for his show at @latitudegallery_newyork sums it up the best:

“By reconstructing historical texts and correlating iconic contemporary issues, the two themes of Tan’s artworks, warm and cold, present a kaleidoscopic contradiction that reflects the blurring boundaries between historical fact and personal emotions.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on Siyaun’s work in the comments below and follow along his work on IGA at @siyuan_tatara

– Nicole Kutz (@nkutz)