Should I get the Print or Digital Magazine? 

Anyone who has purchased or who plans on purchasing the Print version of the magazine please don’t pay extra for the digital version. All orders of our Print Publication will get a free promo code to access the digital copy for free. 
At Artwalk Magazine we take pride in creating a high quality designed art magazine and we really hope you’ll give us a chance and purchase the Print Publication of the magazine as we do feel it makes such a big difference being able to hold a tangible product in your hand and see the colors and art right in front of you.
We also understand that our Magazine is bi-annual, and with a design team designing over 95 custom pages,  it’s larger than your average magazine and not everyone can spend $35. So with that said, we created a digital version of Artwalk Magazine Issue 02 that I think you guys are gonna love anyhow!