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The below post is brought to us today by ArtWalk Magazine’s Guest Curator & Artist of the Month Nicole Kutz

For today’s takeover, I wanted to share Khang Bao Nguyen (@thepolishedmirror) and his metaphysical paintings.

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Siyuan and I had several painting classes together in grad school at SCAD – I remember being blown away by the depth of his concepts and scope of work. Not only was he an amazing painter, but he was also equally amazing at sculpture and I always admired how he could balance both.

I’m so amazed by how powerfully transcendent his paintings feel and how he interweaves spiritual and philosophical insights within these kaleidoscopic constructs.

Khang is based in LA and is also a PhD student in Eastern and Western philosophies at Claremont Graduate University and is also an incredible curator. I really resonate with how he draws upon his studies to curate shows that expand upon his investigations as an artist – this is hugely inspiring to my own curatorial work. According to Khang, “My work investigates the nature of existence, knowledge, perception, consciousness, the ground of being, totality, liberation, nonlinear consummation, and non-dual awareness.”

I have yet to see his work in person, but I think its power transcends through the screen. Let me know if you feel the same way in the comments!

– Nicole Kutz –@nkutz
(Catch the interview of Nicole Kutz and her artwork in Issue 02 of Artwalk Magazine)

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