Does love at first sight truly exist? Who or what did Dee Dee fall in love with?

Artist Anastasia Danilenko
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The below post is brought to us today by ArtWalk Magazine’s Guest Curator & Artist of the Month, Dee Dee.

“Hello everyone! Dee Dee here again… I’m very happy to takeover the @artwalkmag Instagram yet again today, and today’s post is on my amazing friend, Anastasia Danilenko.

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I was lucky enough to come across Anastasia’s work by chance on Instagram, and have been a huge admirer ever since. Does love at first sight truly exist? It certainly did the moment I saw her paintings.

Each piece is filled with a huge sense of mystery… The hidden and sometimes distorted features… Who are these people? What is their story? It’s all wrapped in such mystery! The beautiful amount of oil, the vibrant colors, the fantastically textured brush strokes…

Anastasia Danilenko art 1
Artist Anastasia Danilenko 2

Her subjects all seem to have an incredible vulnerability in their features, which sometimes cannot be seen yet that is a power Anastasia has. She can convey such emotion and feeling in their faces, even if their eyes are hidden below a stroke of oil.

I think great art truly does have the power to change you forever. You cannot unsee it. It stays with you. It becomes a friend when you need it. It haunts you. Anastasia’s work literally haunts me, and that may be the highest compliment I can give.”

– Dee Dee

Artist Anastasia Danilenko painting 3
Anastasia-Danilenko art 6
Anastasia-Danilenko art 7