Artwalk Magazine is starting to arrive in mailboxes

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dec 13 2021

“Now Arriving In Mailboxes”

A Long Last Leg

After a long fall and our magazine getting completed about a month late and then running into issues with our printer and supplies showing up on time we finally started shipping out our magazine in late November.

About a month later than we were hoping but we do want to deliver a quality magazine first and foremost. We are new we will learn from each issue on how to automate things a bit faster but until we really get the magazine going with a handful of issues we really want to be hands-on in each step of the process and have final decisions over quality at each step to keep our magazine consistently showing up on your doorstep and having that high-quality feel.

We had so many pre-orders come in right up to the last minute that we had to place a 2nd order of magazines to our printer. We are so appreciative of all of you. About 3/4 of our pre-orders all went out and we just got our new magazines in from the printer this weekend so if you’ve placed an order and it hasn’t shown up by mid-week this week then know it will be in our 2nd batch of shipments going out Monday, Dec 13th.

Our US shipments look like they are showing up about 6 days after they should be and we are told the post office is just backed up because of covid and the holidays. So International shipments are also on their way and we just aren’t able to give you an accurate arrival time as of yet. But please know there headed your way.

Magazine Selfies

We are super happy to start seeing our magazine showing up on doorsteps. We appreciate all the great feedback we are seeing on social media from you guys. We decided to create a special Artwalk Mag Selfie page here on our website. It will be on its own page and here is the link: ARTWALKMAGAZINE.COM/SELFIE
We will start adding the photos you send us or tag us on social media. The Artwalk Magazine selfie idea is based on photos of you reading or holding the magazine in some way or another. We want to see where all our magazine is being viewed in the world. So when taking your Artwalk Magazine selfie try to include a background in your image showing what area of the world you are in. For example, if you are in NYC, a great spot would be holding the magazine with the NYC skyline in the background.  If you post it on social media you can tag us with @artwalkmag and #artwalkmagazine and we will try to find it and repost it here on this new page. The page will be ongoing for each new issue we will continue to add new photos. You can also email us the photo to (

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(remember to get it by Christmas you must place your order by Dec 16th.)