Is there such thing as the perfect photograph?

Is there such thing as the perfect photograph?

February has come and curating our photographers starts, with it comes studying & research on a vast array of topics. I’m a photographer myself & there has never a moment where I’ve felt I didn’t have more to learn. So this winter I’ve been consuming photography books, reading articles, watching docs, & diving into anything photography related. I’m searching for anything that can give me insight & confidence when I’m curating the photographers for our next issue. Through this research I find lots of interesting topics and thought I’d share one with you today.

“The Perfect Image.” There has always been this notion of a photographer capturing his/her perfect image. When all the angles converge at just the right time to make the perfect photograph.

I find this topic to be objective in many ways but also fascinating. Rarely do all the elements used to create an image align. Be it the camera, lighting, focus, composition, weather, a car that passes by at the wrong time. It would take a photographer using all his experience & skillset to overcome the challenges all those elements present, then get the camera settings perfect & the subject matter in the composition aligning at just the right moment that you happened to press down & your camera captures 1 frame. 1 moment in time that is well.. “perfect.”

There are so many things that can effect a given photo. To name a few: wind, changes in shadows & sunlight, shaking in your hand.

So why is this interesting. How I see it, I’m always working to use the tools & knowledge I have to get the best out of each element that I see can effect my photo. When looking at it like this, if I’m not always working to take a perfect photo then I’m really not giving any given photo my 100% attention. Are you “always giving it your all each time you take a photo?”

It’s a subjective & opinionated topic that I liked reading about his winter, so thought I’d share a little about it.

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