Incredible Portrait Drawings by Pankov Roman

Hi! Where are you from? My name is Roman Pankov and I am a professional artist, originally from Ukraine, Kharkiv. I have lived in Saint Petersburg, Russia, almost all my life. I graduated from the University of Herzen with a degree in fine arts, my specialty is school teacher, but I prefer to work with adults. I taught drawing and painting for 6 years in a private gallery, now I am free artist, writing creative works, developing my style, looking for myself, and this is very interesting ! It open up new horizons! My favorite technique is dry brush and oil. I have worked very much on commissioned portraits, I have filled my hand, but this does not promote me as an artist, it creates frames and deprives me of freedom. Now I am completely free and constantly make experiment with techniques and materials ! So much to try, so much to say ! I want to learn how to transmit feelings, emotions, to paint the wind, cold, light, darkness, I think all this is possible, you just need to learn !
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