Why Stanley Kubrick inspires this well known NYC street artist.

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I get asked who has influenced my artwork often. A number of artists have inspired me, and I’ll be sharing them here, but influence is a different word. I tend to be more influenced by artists who work in cinema and music. One of the biggest would be Stanley Kubrick.

It may not be totally apparent how Kubrick could be influencing my collage works. The way he would compose his shots is unmatched, and that use of composition and color has been a very strong influence in just about all of my work… Thinking of his films almost every shot can tell a whole story, something I strive for in each piece.

“2001: A Space Odyssey” is literally stunning frame after stunning frame. It was here for me where he hit his brilliant stride all the way thru “Eyes Wide Shut”…

Learning to take influences from outside my art medium and to incorporate or translate them into my work has been probably one of the most important and fun things I do… and Stanley’s work is like trusted friend who is constantly on my shoulder, whispering in my ear…”