Give Me Some Skin at Sugarlift New York


If your in New York I can’t recommend a better gallery to visit then Sugarlift this month. Our friend Mae Read is showing along with many other talented artists. If your local, check it out and come back and let us know what you think.
I’m excited to announce that my work is featured in Give Me Some Skin, an exhibition at @Sugarlift, curated by @michellelynndoll and @jpvoegele! Come see my work alongside 23 other incredible artists. There was a socially-distanced opening last night at @sugarlift @highlinenine which was lovely and you can view the show at the gallery for the next month or online:

The exhibition includes:

#AdamLupton, Aleah Chapin, Alyssa Monks, #AmyWerntz, Bernardo Siciliano, Bernardo Torrens, Buket Savci, Christian Fagerlund, Christopher Herrera, Daniel Maidman, David Kassan, Edie Nadelhaft, Erin Anderson, Hannah Murray, Heather McLeod, Hollis Dunlap, Mae Read, #MaggieRose, Michelle Doll, Nicolas V. Sanchez, Patty Horing, Steven Assael, Sullivan Giles, Yun Jang.

Fabulous company. I’m grateful to be included.

(That’s @oneilscott looking all slick in the second to last pic and me looking like an awkward goofball in the last. Such a fun day! ❤️)


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