Richard Hambleton

The artist, Richard Hambleton

by Dee Dee

“First, I’d like to thank my friends at Art Walk Magazine for letting me take over their Instagram as their Artist Of The Month. I’m honored.

For my first post I wanted to highlight a huge influence on me with putting my work in the streets… The artist, Richard Hambleton.

Richard Hambleton

I don’t know quite where to start with my deep love of Richard’s work. Whether his energetic and mysterious shadowmen figures, his stunning bucking horses and Marlboro Man riders, or his exploding ocean wave paintings, his work never failed to stop me dead in my tracks and virtually hypnotized me.

I was always amazed at the incredible energy Richard captured in all his work. His shadowmen could portray pure joy or darkness… and his choices of placement on the streets was always on point.

Years ago I was in a famous artist’s studio. Lots of egos. Someone had news of a Richard sighting! The room BUZZED! He was seen on his bicycle in the East Village… My mind raced on the thought! To this day the jealousy of that sighting has never dissipated.

I walked by his studio many times on my way home. How I wish now I had rung the bell… One day a few years back I walked by one night. I recall it being a gallery now. It was closed but there was someone inside who saw me looking inside. They came to the door and told me it was closed. I said that I had loved the artist who used to live and work in the space. I was then invited in to look around…

I walked home across downtown that evening being sad that Richard was no longer in this world, but so very happy he had been here… and I imagined his shadowmen peering out of the darkness at me all the way home.”

by Dee Dee

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