Artwalk Magazine Artist Vi·gnette No.1 with Maria Kleis

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may. 11. 2022

Artwalk Magazine Artist Vi·gnette No.1

The one with Denmark artist Maria Kleis.

Maria Kleis was born in Denmark 1987. Raised in a creative family, her mother a fashion designer and grandmother a painter & sculptor, expressing her creative talents came naturally. Entering college in Copenhagen for media design, she soon craved more freedom in her art, and left to paint full time. Meeting like minded people, Maria started an artists collective gallery, where she met a tattoo artist that took strongly to her work. From there, she entered into the world of tattooing with a three year apprenticeship. Honing her own style, and learning many different styles of art along the way. Maria Kleis tattooed professionally for six year, and was featured on ‘Tattoo Saloon’ on Tv3 in Denmark ( the Danish version of ‘Miami Ink’) for three years.Maira moved to Spain in 2014 for three years to refresh herself, and returned back to working on her painting skills, doing commissioned portraits for collectors. Feeling something was missing, in 2017 Maria moved Prague, where she now resides to this day, marrying her passions for painting and tattooing in her own way. She has been working on a striking new series of portraits, featuring the underground tattoo subculture. Telling her own story through her pointillis paintings, while showcasing her subjects and their stories through the ink they proudly display. Body modification of tattooing can reveal so much about a person, their personality, and is a code of their life experience and trails. Many of the people that have posed for her portraits, also display great works of art tattooed by well known artists .

Yes, She’s Carved Out A Recognizable Style For Sure.

Maria Kleis’ was featured in our Artwalk Magazine Issue 02

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